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2019 Black Love Summit: A Celebration of Love and Culture.

This past weekend, the producers of the "Black Love" docu series airing on Oprah's OWN TV Network, hosted "The Black Love Summit" which took place at Mason Fine Arts & Event Center in Atlanta, GA.

Couples traveled from as far as Washington D.C., to learn from and engage with their favorite black and successful couples like; Tommicus and LeToya Luckett Walker, Devale Ellis, Terrence J., Erica and Warryn Campbell, the show creators Tommy and Codie Oliver , and many more.

The room atmosphere was filled with beautiful art and black love it was hard to contain the joy and magic. The summit attracted not only married couples, but engaged, and a great amount of singles all came together for the purpose to discover real love.

Married couple at the 2019 Black Love Summit held in Atlanta, GA.

Most of the featured guests have previously been or will be featured on the upcoming season of Black Love. The panels during the summit featured insightful advice on fatherhood, marriage, and relationships. Dondre Whitfield, best known for his role as "Remy Newell" on OWN’s Queen Sugar, spoke during the “Finding Black Love” session, that “a grown male serves himself, while a grown man seeks to service others!” He is referring to knowing when a man is serious about his relationship or not. He also spoke about his work with married couples believing that through acting, God gave him a platform, which led him to his purpose, the activation of couples.

Kevin and Melissa Fredericks discussing couples working together and managing their finances during the "Couples and Coins" discussion panel.

Sessions included live and candid conversations about submission, parenting, and couples working together. Comedian and influencer, Kevin Fredericks, known as “KevOnStage” stated “when there is unison in your marriage, you will have unison in your finances,” when asked if couples should have joint accounts. His wife and host of, The Love Hour Podcast, Melissa Fredericks, followed saying, “as an entrepreneur, the two people you need in your life is a lawyer and an accountant.”

Grammy award winning and Sunday’s Best judge, Erica Campbell alongside her husband and Grammy award winning producer, Warryn Campbell, were the keynote speakers for the VIP luncheon sponsored by Miss Jessie’s. The luncheon was catered by celebrity chef, Jernard Wells. “I still don’t like talking about it, I just don’t. We had not had my son or youngest baby girl yet, and all I think about when she brings it up is my youngest son and daughter would have never been born, and it messes me up. I am ashamed because I almost derailed my entire family,” stated Warryn as the two discussed overcoming infidelity in their marriage. Erica stated, “Fear and love cannot coexist. Yes, he made a mistake, but he wasn’t a mistake,” on her choice to stay with Warryn and fight for not only their marriage but their healing.

Erica and Warryn Campbell speaking on their 20 plus years together during the VIP Luncheon.

“I didn’t have my father growing up, I didn’t see marriage growing up, and so that’s where Black Love came from,” stated show creator Tommy Oliver. This amazing event, wrapped up with clips from the new season of Black Love and a cocktail hour with a live DJ.

Be sure to catch season 3 of Black Love premiering on OWN on August 10, 2019 at 10 PM.

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