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2020 Vision & Manifestation

2020 has finally arrived and although the world may be off to a rocky start that doesn’t mean we have to follow suit. With 2020 bringing in a new year as well as a new decade many of us are reflecting on the past years more than ever. Usually during the new year we all reflect on the past year and either create goals for the incoming year or set cliche New Year’s Resolutions. But for those of us in our twenties this is really the first time that were old enough to remember leaving one decade behind and entering a new one. It’s almost scary that many of us spent our twenties during this last decade and are now preparing for the 20’s which will soon bring us into our thirties.

Stepping into a new decade may be scary especially if you’ve never done it as an adult, but it can also be very exciting. For those of us in our twenties, as we reflect on all of the drunken college nights, emotionally draining relationships, loss of friendships, and the failed career paths, we have more confidence and knowledge of self to conquer the next decade and our thirties. Our biggest mistake of the last decade was not realizing we were entering into a new decade. We entered the 10’s with no vision or clear goals in mind. Most of us were probably in high school or just beginning college and had no idea what we wanted in life. Whether we achieved everything we’ve longed for during the last decade or not, one thing is for sure, that we’re entering this new decade with 2020 vision. The 20’s serve as an opportunity for us to set our intentions clearly and manifest our goals. In addition to being prepared for this new year and decade we also have an advantage, we know ourselves a lot better than we did at the beginning of the last decade.

Manifesting our goals won’t be easy but if our goals are clear, intentions are set, and we have a plan to execute them, we just may see them come into fruition this year or at least this decade. Now the key to truly manifesting our dreams is staying focused and motivated, and we all know that isn’t always easy to maintain. To keep all the dreamers on track, I’ve created a playlist that can serve as motivation for the days we lack it. On the “2020 Vision and Manifestation” playlist I was sure to include tracks that remind us to continue to believe in our dreams, even when we feel low. I’ve added classics such as “Moment For Life” by Nicki Minaj and “Touch The Sky” by Kanye West. The entire playlist is mixed with songs from the last two decades and current songs that will keep us motivated each week.

"2020 Vision & Manifestation" can be downloaded on Apple Music & Tidal

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