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5 Benefits of Having a Media Kit For Your Brand or Business

In the middle of this pandemic, who is thinking of media kits, right? Well...everyone. See the thing about the role of media kits is that their purpose never just abruptly ends. Everyday media kits are being thrown. So let’s catch.

First off, what is a media kit? You’d be surprised at how many people are unaware of the usage of one. A media kit is a plethora of your brand’s information condensed into a physical package or PDF. It includes a bio or about, social media following, audience demographics, press releases, logos, photos, contact info, and anything else you could think of to inform someone of your brand. It is mainly used by companies to help journalists cover stories about them or publicists may use it as a part of their pitch to a publication.

Let’s take a look at how this can benefit your brand or business.

  1. Brand Awareness

Who are you? Or what is it? Now...why do we care? A good media kit will paint a picture to answer these questions for us. If journalists do not have the correct information about your brand or business then there is only room to assume. You don’t want people to create their own facts about your brand. Control your narrative!

2. Time Saver

Don’t have time to do an hour presentation on your services or product? Media kit! Luckily, it acts as its own FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). It also saves the writer or journalist much needed time instead of digging up information about you that might not have been fact checked.

3. Promotes New Product or an Event

During the launch of a new product or an event, you need that promotion in the media for the readers. Providing a media kit at the event will aid the journalists in writing their article or advertisement.

4. New Customers or Viewers

New customers may be attracted from a media kit for a product. New viewers may be attracted from a media kit for an event. Either way a new audience is now exposed to your brand. & If the kit is well presented, they will develop a sense of confidence in your brand.

5. Credibility

Coming in at #5, credibility. A media kit never stops building and evolving. Over time, your kit will gain new material as you push your brand to the forefront. You will also have established familiarity amongst the journalists with a more professional approach under your belt.

Now that you know the awesome benefits of having a media kit, I hope you consider reaching out to a publicist or someone who can guide you in obtaining one to enhance your business. Make this quarantine work in your favor!

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