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A Look Back and a Step Forward: The One-Year Anniversary of January 6th

As we embark the year 2022 we are reminded of the tumultuous events that took place on January 6th, 2021. Today marks the 1-year anniversary since hundreds of rioters stormed the capitol on behalf of former president Trump, in anguish of President Bidens victory. The hanist crime left over 100 officers injured, and killed a total of 5 people, one being officer Brian Sicknick. The deadly event costs the government $1.5 million worth of damages and it was a super spreader for coronavirus.

The scandal continues to raise speculation as more secrets are revealed on which diplomats were involved in the tragedy. Both Trump and his associates have been issued subpoenas during the ongoing investigation. Trump was prepared to address the January 6th 1-year anniversary with a press conference at his golf course Mar-a-lago in Palm Beach, Florida. He has come forth saying that the event is now cancelled due to the dishonest and bias media portrayal. However, he does have a rally scheduled in Arizona on January 15th to discuss the same issues which he refers to as "important topics."

The attack on capitol derived from those whom believe the election was fraudulent and that Trump should have served a second term. Bidens Presidency stirred up turmoil amongst the country over voting legislation. Georgia Governor Kemp has implemented new voting restrictions that can negatively impact the voters experience. For example, having a voter cut off time for 5 p.m and only accepting mail-in-ballots at election polls. He claims that these restrictions have become law in order make it "Easy to vote, and hard to cheat." He made these changes just shortly after Trump lost the election, and two Georgia Democratic candidates were elected into office. Both the Georgia mayor and senate election had a runoff race which resulted to Raphael Warnock winning as state Mayor and Jon Ossoff winning as State Senate.

Since then, Biden has continued to push for voting rights with vice president Kamala Harris by his side. They both describe January 6th as one of the biggest threats to democracy. Despite those who believe the election was stolen, there has been no evidence or proof of fraudulent activity during the 2020 election. Moving forward, Biden is actively working to ensure that all voting rights are made equal and fair. He is set to deliver a speech in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday January 12th going into depth detail about voting plans for future elections to come.

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