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One spooky night... in!

Due for Covid, Halloween may look a little different for some...unless you’re like me and prefer to stay in! If so, there’s nothing like a good scary movie to celebrate this holiday! Plus, I enjoy talking to the screen without hearing "SHHHH" every time.

But what also makes this year special, is the plethora of black leads in horror films and with that said, here are five movies starring, produced, or directed by black Hollywood’s elite that will definitely scare your socks off!! 

1. Spell - Starring Omari Hardwick and Loretta Devine, Spell follows Marquis who finds himself trapped in the attic of Ms. Eloise after his plane crashes following his father's funeral. Ms. Eloise claims she can heal Marquis with a voodoo figure but it’s not long before he figures out healing him was not her plan! Watch now on Amazon Prime! 

2. His House - Starring Wunmi Mosaku aka Ruby, for all my Lovecraft fans, and Sope Dirisu, this Netflix original follows a refugee couple’s escape to South Sudan. As they begin to start their new life, things take a dark turn in their new home due to an evil presence lurking beyond the surface. His House is now streaming on Netflix!

3. Bad Hair - Starring Elle Lorraine and Vanessa Williams, Bad Hair takes a dark political POV on the American standard of beauty when Anna receives a bad hair weave that eventually takes on a mind of its own! And tries to take over her! Watch now on Hulu! 

4. Black Box - After a bad car accident resulting in the loss of his wife, a now single father undergoes an experimental treatment to remember who he is, or so he thinks! Bringing it back to Amazon Prime, this movie stars the amazing Phylicia Rashad in another dark role, and Mamoudou Athie, who we learned to love in Netflix's Uncorked.

5. A Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting - This list wouldn’t be complete without something the WHOLE family could watch! Starring Tamara Smart, A Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting is about a young teen who is recruited when the young boy she is babysitting is kidnapped by the Boogyman and his team of monsters! You can also watch now, on Netflix!

Now I’ll admit, some of these movies still have me sleeping with the lights on, so if scary isn’t your thing, you can always enjoy the classics like Hocus Pocus, Addams Family, and A Nightmare Before Christmas! So grab your favorite candy and maybe a nightlight while you enjoy this socially distant but still very spooky Halloween night!

Happy Halloween!! & Don't forget to Vote!

Peace & Love.

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