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Artist Spotlight: Chris Scholar

Meet Chris Scholar, the young, talent out of Richmond, VA.

It’s no secret that Virginia has birth some of our most talented acts to date like Chris Brown, Pharrell Williams, and Missy Elliot. Now, they can go on and add someone else to that list because Chris Scholar is showing why he is next in line to take over.

Chris has had the opportunity to bless the industry creatively with his songwriting and directing skills. Having written for Ariana Grande, Chris Brown and 2 Chainz as well as directed videos for Wiz Khalifa, Tank, and French Montana his talent has spoken for itself. While these accomplishments have been great credits to his resume, it has also given the Los Angeles based artist the catapult he needs to let the world know that he also has something to say.

Scholar has taken everything he knows and put it into his own multi-media company called BOOC. BOOC is a multi-media production company specializing in music, artists, brand development, music videos, exclusive content and marketing.

The company’s new project is probably the one that hits close to home. Chris’s new song “All That Matters” has a visual coming and it is a dedication to lovers and Beliebers everywhere that all we need is right in our backyards. The video follows Chris Scholar and Bevin Brown as they exchange their nuptials in front of family and friends on their big day.

Amid the wedding Chris Scholar and Drew Abby who is a producer and trumpeter perform the single "All That Matters” from the For Lovers Mixtape. The duo felt it was the perfect way to give a little magic from their day.

Make sure to subscribe to By The BOOC on youtube here.

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