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Baaaby Girl - Issa Launch Party!!

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Written by: Brittany Cheri

Covered by: Alexis Prothro, Brittany Cheri & Dallas Jordann


In my best B.Simone voice, Baaaby Girl! This launch party was nothing short of an amazing time. Soon as you walked in the doors not only were you greeted by a wonderful host but some very nice eye candy on the red carpet!

The M Bar was filled with fans, family and close friends of the new cosmetics line owner, B.Simone.

We’ve seen her everywhere from her viral videos on Instagram and Nick Cannon’s Wild’n Out, she’s known for her catchy lines “Baby Girl”, “Baby Boy” and “You’re my booooyfriend”, this comedic diva has truly made a name for herself. With her most recent show on Zeus Network, “You’re My Boooyfriend” , she’s definitely had her audience anticipating the launch of her cosmetics line.

The launch was decked out in shades of pink and white with balloons covering the floor and jewels on every countertop, it was truly a glimpse into what her glamorous personality embodies! Of course we all wanted to know her favorites, she of course answered “All of them!” but mentioned her top two were Wet Jewels & D-Tox!!

Our team captured some really great moments with some of B.Simone’s special guests Hitman Holla, Justina Valentine, I’m Pretty Vee, Zo and more.

Stay tuned for the recap video and check out some of the photos from the event!

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