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Back to "Normal": 4 steps for returning to work after quarantine.

Like most humans, if you give us an inch we take a mile. So it is no surprise the skreets, clubs, and Target have been jumping like Jordan in 95’ since several states decided to relax their stay orders (despite the rising number of Covid-19 cases). While I understand we have been stuck in the house for a little over four months and all could use a vacation, I was convinced that we were better than that! I mean after weeks of protests, murderous hornets, and reaching the 10th level of Jumanji, is staying inside not the better option? Sadly, I guess not!

Now although I am not in the number of those enjoying backyard bbqs and day parties, I am a part of the group of us who have returned to work. So rather you start next week or a month from now, your favorite list Queen is here to get us prepared for the transition. Here’s how we get ready:

1. Get Back to your Routine

Most of us have a hard time transitioning back to work after the holiday season so as you can imagine returning to work after four month will not be a cakewalk. Now if you ignored my previous advice about a routine, your fault; just kidding because it is never too late to start and now is the time! You can start by getting up at your “normal” work time and do your “normal” like making your bed and brushing your teeth. Also, start eating breakfast and lunch around the same time you would before, on the way, or at work. This will help give your body the energy boost it needs at the right times because no one wants to deal with your hangry attitude because your meal schedule is off. Some additional routine builders can include a sleep schedule, cutting down or out daily naps (Yeah, I know!), and blocking off hours to solely focus on work. This will wake up your muscle memory, making it easier for you to get ready when you really have to go to the office, as well as help you power through the day.

2. Get Moving, or AT LEAST Leave your House

If you are like me, working from home may have made you lazy. And even if you are exercising, your muscles are probably use to a mundane 9-5 routine of not wearing clothes, sitting on the couch, and random naps that you did not see coming. With that said, it is time to start moving! Before you head back to work, find times to move during your normal work hours. Leave the house for coffee, go for a walk, or simply get up and stretch. This will help your body get back to the idea of moving more, helping you to avoid energy crashes throughout the day, and hopefully when you get home.

3. Get Some TLC

Although TLC may look different for everyone, we all enjoy being able to relax and unwind. So right before you clock-in, find a day (or TWO) to focus on you with a little self-care! Now I am aware, a lot of things are still closed or just look different due to Covid-19 but you can still get some TLC with the following: mobile or in-home spa day, at home paint & sip with family or friends, a trip to the salon, as my personal favorite, SHOPPING! All of these can be done while being safe and giving you the relaxation you need.

4. Get Some Rest

Do you remember the night before a big test and our teachers would say, “be sure to get a good night’s rest?” Well they were right! Everything previously stated means nothing if you are not resting your body and mind. Rest can keep you healthy, improve your memory, and make you more alert, which are all things needed to get you back into the groove of work. Additionally, rest can reduce stress, which with all things considered, none of us need more at this time.

It may seem like coming out of quarantine will be easy but as I have slowly transitioned back to work myself, I can tell you it matters and works! And maybe if I had known these beforehand, I wouldn’t be struggling at work TUHDAY! Lastly, remember, Covid-19 is still alive, REAL,, and killing black people at a higher rate! So the most important step you can take is protecting yourself. Wear your mask, wash your hands, practice social distance, and stay home when you can!

Peace & Love.

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Simone DeCarlo
Simone DeCarlo
Jul 24, 2020

Great suggestions. Its going to be the wearing work clothes again part for me.

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