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Beauty is her name Ms Jacky Oh Tribute

By Ka'Mel Lauryn

Today we honor a gorgeous soul that was gone too soon due to a tragedy on May 31st 2023. Ms Jacky "Oh " Smith was born November 3rd 1990 in Oakland , CA . She was such a beautiful spirit .She found joy in being a black woman ,as a biracial woman her identity was indulged in the black culture .

Most know her from appearances Wild N Out but she wore many hats . Mother , Entrepreneur,Model,Actress and more .

People always complimented her on her beauty and her make up . She created a line JNova a lipgloss line to make others feel radiant in that way. Her lipgloss was complimented the most which is why she decided to start that line she shared on a JaGurl TV interview . Her collection later expanded to lashes and accessories as well .

As an Entrepreneur she was also a realtor making sure to give tips on how to successfully secure houses. The knowledge she provided was impactful for the community. She loved creating and there is beauty in that . Whether is was producing content or products there was so much light within her .

From her YouTube you could only see a glimpse of her life and how much she loved being a mother . So today we send prayers and healing thoughts to her children , Her partner (D.C. Young Fly ) and her family and friends. We acknowledge the beautiful mark she left on this world.

Media Girls Network had the opportunity to engage with Jacky Oh on several occasions. We will truly miss her . Here are a few of our fondest moments with her.

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