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Becoming the Flyer : The Social Media Drop

Written by: Brittany Cheri

It’s only a few seconds but you have to make it count!

If you’re a media girl you have to always be camera ready to do an essential task at every event you do. What task am I talking about?? A Social Media Drop!

Social Media Drops are quick 30-60 second videos that give your audience key details about you and your event.

Here are the most important things you need to include in your social media drop:

-Who you are & Your Network

-Where you are (not the exact address or anything, just the venue)

-Event Name & Purpose

-Sponsors/Partners (use the main sponsor if there are multiple)

-What’s happening in that very moment!?

Social Media Drops typically are for checking in and out of the event, and right before interviewing a guest. Think of social media drops as mini introductions!

If you are camera shy or nervous to take out your phone and make a video in a crowded room, take time at home to practice before you go to the event it removes the nerves and makes it an easy experience when you are on the scene.

Hope you found this helpful!

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