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Black Love

Love will be on everyone’s brain this week as we all gear up for Valentine’s day. I don’t usually celebrate, but this year I do want to celebrate my favorite type of form of intimacy, black love. The love I’ve seen growing up from various family members and close family friends. Although my own parents divorced when I was younger, I still am a witness to what I believe is the strongest and greatest display of affection. Black Love is the only love that can be political, radical, and a form of protest, while remaining warm, sensual, and majestic. But it’s at its best when its allowed to just be between two black souls. So often, when displayed in commercials, movies, and tv shows, black love is never portrayed as it truly is, there always seems to be an agenda set up against our love being displayed in its authenticity. In actuality black love can’t be subjected to society’s standards and limitations. It is too soulful, deep, rich, complex, often misunderstood, and unlike any other. I wanted to celebrate our love in its entirety, and in a form thats soothing and relaxing.

The Black Love playlist is sensual and smooth, and one that can be played during or after any date. The smooth sounds of Lauryn Hill’s Sweetest Thing mixed with SpottieOttieDopaliscious by Outkast give this playlist depth and soul that can be enjoyed alone or in the company of a lover. As we all celebrate love this week, I challenge you to celebrate black love in every form, rather it be familial, a friendship, platonic, or romantic. This week you can watch episodes of the Black Love documentary on OWN or listen to the love stories of older family members. Perhaps the best way to celebrate is to go see The Photograph —a story of black love without racial undertones— and enjoy the Black Love playlist.

Black Love the playlist can be downloaded on Apple Music & Tidal:

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