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CANCELLED Culture: Bhad Bhabie's Box Braid Drama!

Bhad Bhabie was under fire this week for her choice in a particular hairstyle. The infamous teen rapper posted photos and videos online wearing box braids. Social media blew up and instantly started criticizing her, accusing her of culture appropriation. Of course, Bhad Bhabie took to Instagram to defend herself.

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"To all the black females that are saying my hair ain't meant for box braids, guess what, ya'll hair ain't meant to be straight," Bhad Bhabie continued, "Ya'll glue whole wigs on to your heads and sew in Brazilian, Indian and Peruvian hair which is nothing like your natural hair texture at all."

I understand culture appropriation is a real thing and it definitely exists in our society today, but we as individuals cannot dictate how a person chooses to wear the hair on their head. I know as a Black woman myself, I'm constantly changing my hair up and no one says a thing about it. We have to keep that same energy when it comes to other nationalities as well. I'm not saying we have to like it but they have the right to the same creative expression we do.

As for Bhad Bhabie, I've honestly never been a fan. She was made famous for speaking and treating her mother disrespectfully on the Dr. Phil Show and has now managed to build a career off of that inexcusable behavior. She is consistently popping off at the mouth or trying to fight someone and her comments regarding Black girls were completely out of line. I say Bhad Bhabie has been CANCELLED but I have to ask, do you think so as well?

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