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CANCELLED CULTURE: Ray J. Leaves Pregnant Wife and Daughter Stranded in Vegas

This week has been jam packed with rumors, receipts and shade about how Ray J. allegedly left his 8 month pregnant wife, Princess Love, and daughter, Melody, stranded in Las Vegas after the Soul Train Awards. To add fuel to the fire he allegedly blocked Princess Love from calling him while simultaneously posting a family photo of all of them at the awards that night. The couple is currently blocked on each other’s social media platforms as well.

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On Thursday, November 21 Ray J. took to Instagram Live in their loft in Vegas to apologize to his wife and explained how he never left and how he would never put his daughter in harms way. He also said their circle needs to be "tighter than this," in other words not putting their personal business on social media when chances present themselves.

I honestly think the fact that we know this situation even transpired is disgusting. I agree on Ray J’s behalf with his words of needing them needing a tighter circle and not letting anything or anyone compromise their family circle. And because Princess Love did take to social media we now know all the tea...tea that should have been resolved behind closed doors.

It isn’t foreign information that Ray J. has been known to treat his wife badly in the past, for example, the incident when he pushed her in the pool. But does this take the cake? I also want to know what did Ray J. or Princess Love do in the first place that catapulted this entire situation.

I’m really not sure what to think about this situation but I have to ask…should the scooter mogul and his alleged unworthy treatment of his wife be CANCELLED or not?

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