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Carl Crawford & 1501 Entertainment Host Official Label ATL Media Mixer At Dezyna House Studios!!

Since his transition from MLB legend dubbed “The Perfect Storm” to music mogul and founder of 1501 Certified Entertainment, Carl Crawford has curated a heavy team of talented stars from across The Lone Star State. After catapulting the career of artists like Megan Thee Stallion and Erica Banks, the label has established itself as a safe space for gritty and authentic upcoming stars. Carl’s influence has grown to that of a legend while putting Texas on the map as a growing music hub for real talent. During the ATL stop of their press run Carl and the entire 1501 Certified Team pulled up on the Media Girls at Dezyna House Studios to showcase their pool of talent and mingle with several ATL based media platforms, DJs, and artists.

The event kicked off on the red carpet with our media girl Sheek who was able to get an exclusive with 1501’s newest artists Martina Marie and D-Raww before their performances. Both having newly released singles under the label, this mixer proved to be the perfect avenue to introduce them to the ATL audience. Next up Mr. Crawford himself as he discussed his pride in his new artists , his drive and desire for them to use wisdom in this industry and his eagerness for the world to hear their new music. The label seamlessly moves as a collective unit and has a wide range of skill amongst their team.

Our girl April B alongside hosts like 107.9’s K. Samone and Celebrity DJ, DJ A-rod, and DJ Nyquill kept the atmosphere energetic before the live Q&A with Martina Marie. Her vibrant personality lit up the room while discussing motherhood, her newest single “Daddy” and being signed to 1501. Owner and CEO of Media Girls Netiwork Jelisa Raquel kicked off the exclusive Q&A with Carl Crawford highlighted his journey to creating the 1501 Label , Pushing Houston towards the forefront of and even got candid about navigating through the obstacles that come with managing artists and running a label. With multiple radio hosts, DJ’s and more!

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