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Celebrity Hairstylist "Arrogant Tae" & Muse "Ari" Lands "Hype Hair Magazine" Cover! #FriendGoals

All images by Capturing The Miracle

When an entrepreneur plans to step out and start their own business they often seek the support of friends, family, and associates whom they've supported. The negative stigma surrounding building a business with no support from friends and family isn't always true. "Dionte" and "Ariana" besties hailing from Chicago are the perfect example of what happens when you support your friends dreams.

Ariana better known to the digital world as (@therealkylesister) is one of the biggest influencers online right now. She's most known for her infamous relationship with rapper"G Herbo", her son's father, and now previous relationships with Gervonta Davis, and currently dating rapper "Money Bagg Yo". We don't know if people are just curious with her personal life or more obsessed with her beauty & stylish trends that she sets on and offline. Regardless, her bestie "Tae" has helped to continue the obsession with his countless funny videos of Ari, constant hair updates, and styling her as one of his most popular muses online. We've seen Dionte continuously bring Ari into his business deals. Ari was even casted in one of "Nicki Minaj's" music videos that Tae worked on for Nicki. These two buds seem to never mind each other getting shine, because they support each other through it all.

Hype Hair Magazine made a very smart decision to place them both on their latest cover! Hair fanatics will go crazy for this cover because of Tae and Ari's fans will obsess over the cover because of them both gracing it together! These are the type of friendships you need in your life. The friends that grow with you, and help you grow are the best ones to have! Congratulations to both Dionte and Ariana for landing your first cover!

Watch MG's video recap below:

Pictured Below:

Erica Dias (Hype Hair Publicist)

Talent: Dionte, Ariana

Creative Director: Mimi J Online

Hype Hair Inquiries:

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