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Chloe Bailey Credits Music As Therapy When Speaking On Mental Health During Atlanta Appreciation Day

By Ka’Mel Lauryn

On the campus of Morehouse College, Fulton County officially made April 22nd Chlöe Bailey Appreciation day April 22nd 2023. They made sure that Georgia forever has a piece of Chlöe.

Her Debut solo album is titled “ In pieces “ for many reasons that we will discuss today . Identifying times that you are spread out or broken are very important.

Chlöe does a lot of self reflection. In times where she did not feel like herself she leaned into being creative. As mental health advocate Chlöe says that “ Music is therapy “ and at times where she experienced heartbreak or mental conflict writing a song helped her get through it. This album was a testament to her life and her motivation to help others get through their struggles. When asked about the album title she explained that “it wrapped up the feeling of being broken down and falling and having to piece yourself back together again”. As well as the box that other people have put her in. Based on her being part of the duo Chöe and Halle or dropping hit singles when she came out as solo artist people wanted to put her in a box of how her sound should be. It was her job to make sure she was ok and push through others expectations. Such as people expecting that as humans we always have our lives together. Having to smile and make it seem like we are perfect or just having to deal with things on our own. Chlöe strives to be vulnerable to help others deal with that inner struggle .

This year alone Chlöe has been on Swarm the series, Praise this the movie, released her Debut solo album, toured and so much more. She mentioned that being involved in so many amazing opportunities and doing self reflection sometimes she needs time to gather herself. After her tour she wants to vacation and reset giving her time to be the best version of her that she can be .

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