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Crush On You

It’s still cuddle season, and for those that celebrate, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. So for all those crushin’ there’s still time to shoot your shot. Crushin’ can be a lot more complicated as an adult than it was as a child. Remember the days in middle school when we would pass notes with simple messages of “be mine?” or “ will you go out with me?”, and two reply options of “yes “ or “no”. Although it seemed like so much pressure to send that note and then wait on the response, in retrospect that would be so ideal today. Life as an adult can be rough especially with social media to complicate simple things like dating. It should be as simple as asking a guy or girl out, if you’re interested go out for a few dates and if not simply respond no with no hard feelings. Unfortunately things aren’t that black and white, there’s all kinds of gray areas in dating. But no worries, I’m here to help or at least make the process a little bit more enjoyable.

Love language is like the new buzz word for 2020. As more people discover the keys to reaching their lover’s love language, more conversations have generated about its importance in love and relationships. Love languages come in many forms from daily affirmations, to books, and music. Like many people around the world, music is my love language. Simple actions like sending new songs to your lover or a text stating “I made a playlist for you” can be all the difference needed to set you apart from past ex’s or future suitors. Love languages like music are best when both lovers share the same love language.

“I had to let you know that I got a crush on you” — This year I’m encouraging you all to send this famous line from Lil Kim’s infamous song Crush On You along with my playlist to your crush. “Crush On You” the playlist goes through all of the feels associated with a traditional crush. If you don’t have the words this playlist is sure to say it all for you. “Can We Talk” by Tevin Campbell and “Crush” by Yuna featuring Usher are perfect songs to express every feeling you have. But, if you don’t have the courage to hit send or would like to go with a more traditional route to pursuing your crush, at least enjoy “Crush On You” as a motivator.

“Crush On You” can be downloaded on Apple Music and Tidal:

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