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Dear November,

When most people think of November, usually pumpkin spice, fall smells, and thanksgiving come to mind . But for myself, November brings a certain warmth and mystery accompanied by a full moon. This month always gives me a sense of emergence and change due to it being my birthday month. It’s sort of like my new year as I reflect on the past and step into a new state of being. November is also my favorite month because it depicts the essence of what fall is, which happens to be my favorite season. This playlist is an ode to all of the November babies, Scorpios, homebodies, and those who like a little mystery.

“Dear November,” is the perfect mesh of a love letter to my favorite month, and a diary that speaks to the deep emotions that most Scorpios feel. As Scorpios (Oct. 23-Nov.21) we are very sensual, secretive, deeply intuitive, and mysterious by nature. The playlist is filled with R&B songs by my favorite Scorpio artist and followed by other artist who exude that same energy. SZA, Miguel, SiR, Drake, Schoolboy Q, Frank Ocean, and Ella Mai are all very emotional artist whose music can take through a twisted wave of emotions. Their individual styles and lyrical content tell many stories of heartbreak, sexual fantasies, and vulnerability. Just press play and explore your feelings as you listen to “Dear November,”.

“Dear November,” can be downloaded on Apple Music and Tidal:

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