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Buy Black: 30 #BlackOwned brands to support this holiday season!

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The holiday season is FINALLY here! I'm so excited to share our Digital Gift Guide featuring our favorite #BlackOwned brands! If you're looking for something for yourself, family, or friends, our guide is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

This year work, school, and even date nights have looked very different but that should never stop anyone from dressing fly! Thankfully, we have the top black owned , fashion brands to shop with! I want to step out when quarantine is TRULY over, and I want to look my best!







If your skin is anything like mine, junk food, stress, and wearing masks has sent it into a FRENZY! Matter of fact, I have a giant pimple right now. Truth is, black can crack but the owners of these brands have put in over time to bring us products to help keep it together and bounce back!











We all have that one person in our lives that seems so "simple" but yet are beyond difficult to shop for; it's me, I'm that person! I couldn't bring you a list of brands without including those with simple yet amazing products that the "me" in your life would love! From masks, to earrings, and wrapping paper with black Santa, stuffing stockings just got easier for you and yours:














So before you tap purchase on Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target, be sure to tap in with these #BlackOwnedBusinesses this #BlackFriday and throughout the Holiday season! I am sure they will have something you will LOVE!

For direct links or information on each brand, visit our IG page.


Peace & Love.

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