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Music is so healing and such a relief in times like this. It’s week three of quarantine and things aren’t necessarily looking up for our country as our quarantine has now been extended to April 30th. Despite many of us suffering from brunch and day party withdrawals, I am loving how creative we all have become, and music seems to be leading the way. From the fun TikTok dance challenges, to the insane songwriter and producer battles on IG live, and to DJ’s such as D-Nice bringing the party to our homes we’ve all been inspired to keep dancing. As much as I love music, I love to sing along and dance to it even more. Dancing is the most freeing experience whether you know how to keep the rhythm or not, which is why I created a dance playlist to the tunes of house music.

Elevators is a playlist filled with house music that has elements of soul, funk, R&B, electric, and hip-hop that will lift your spirits in a time where its easy to be down. Sometimes we can feel the pressure to dance a certain way based on the genre of music we’re listening to, but house music gives you the freedom to dance to your own beat. What I love most about this particular genre is the vibe and feeling the music exudes. House music allows its audience to dance freely without constriction or limitations. Elevators features artist such as Miguel, Doja Cat, and Lion Babe but the DJs are the key element to this playlist. DJs Kaytranda and Calvin Harris, and the music duo Disclosure have some of the dopest beats and mixes that naturally take you to another world. In addition to my past playlist, I hope this one will keep you moving and allow you to have a much needed dance break in the middle of this madness.

“Elevators" can be downloaded on Apple Music & Tidal:

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