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Entrepreneur Hack :: Content Versatility

Written by: Brittany Cheri

Let's be real creating content can be fun, but it can also be extremely stressful. One main reason for content creation being stressful is because you are not being creative enough. Content can be in different forms, from a written blog post, pictorials, videos and even audio.

The key to always having an arsenal of ideas and being able to create content that is eye catching and thought provoking that generates leads and engagement is versatility.

Here are a few ideas and examples for increasing your versatility in your content.

For Bloggers Who Love to Write

Try incorporating video snippets within your writing, instead of having a page of words. What are the main points you are addressing? Could you provide an example of what you are educating your audience on? Create a short 30 second video in place of 1-2 of your paragraphs that will complement your blog article.

For Bloggers Who Love to Talk

Are you a podcaster? Do you normally spend hours on Instagram or Facebook Live? Don't worry their is nothing wrong with that at all! Let's try incorporating some downloadable resources that go along with your topic of discussion. If you're talking about your favorite fashion trends or which trench coat looks best with a printed blouse, help out your fellow fashionistas with "Get Ready" guide that outlines the go to pieces that every girl needs to have.

For Bloggers Who Love the Camera

Being camera ready is always a plus, but are you providing enough substance for your viewers to actually go to your Youtube channel or IGTV to view your videos? Video content may be enough for some viewers, whilst others may be looking for some form of education and entertainment. Try adding in some written content, nothing too long don't panic! Just enough to grab their interest and make them want to subscribe to more than just your pretty face! Show them you have more to offer.

For instance if you are an entertainment blogger and you like to drop in celebrity news or maybe you are an interviewer that really does their homework...give your audience a chance to see the background work and what led up to the video. Do a short write up and include links to your shareable sources that save your audience the time of looking to verify your facts!

Tune in Next Week For Another Entrepreneur Hack!

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