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Experiencing Trap Fitness at Zaytoven's #SundayFunday Bootcamp Day Party

By: Lauryn Bass, Multimedia Journalist (@itslaurynbass)

July 2, 2023

Atlanta, GA-- Get ready to break a sweat with Grammy Award-Winning producer, Zaytoven! This Sunday, he hosted his new #SundayFunday Bootcamp Day Party.

If you're an Atlanta native, then you're already familiar with the trap music pioneer. He hosted a workout session at Members Elite ATL, with certified trainers DJ Tanq (@djtanq) and C.Lacey (@bmg_chester). The turn out was perfect for an intimate setting with black-owned business, the trainers, and a networking opportunity amongst all attendees.

According to Zaytoven, this event was meant to bring the community together with his love of fitness.

"I felt like, I like working out and I like getting people together. I like fellowshipping with a lot of people so I was like--man! Let's do a workout party," said Zaytoven, producer and host of the event.

Trainers say that future bootcamps are in the works, with the next session on July 16th!

To stay up-to date with how you can get involved, check out the recap here: (all business contact information is tagged.)

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