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Give Back But Make It Fashion: These Fashion Brands Are Creating Masks For Healthcare Workers

These past couple of months have been rough for our essential workers on the frontline through this pandemic. Sacrificing not only family time, but their safety due to the lack of equipment being provided has been a hassle. Luckily, these brands are fashionably stepping up to the plate to become the help we need in this time of crisis. Which mask fits your style and personality more?

  1. Samaria Leah

Samaria Leah is originally a clothing line dedicated to the unique variations of “pinned” jeans. As of lately, they have created and donated face masks to help the COVID-19 relief. The masks are 100% cotton denim, double lined, breathable, and washable. Half of the proceeds will go towards Fun fact: Samaria Leah was created by LL Cool J’s daughter, Samaria Smith, to help women with long legs find their respective sizes.

You can shop here at:

2. SIX/20

For the designer babes, this clothing brand’s selection of face masks ranges from Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, to Chanel- all inspired by handbags from the SIX/20 collection. The Baltimore native who currently resides in New Jersey, Keresse Dorcely, has donated over 100 masks to the PPE effort. While not all workers can break their professional look, SIX/20 also provides healthcare workers with masks made of scrub material; For every three scrub tops, 60 masks are made.

You can shop here at:

3. A Lil’ Bougie

Shan Bivines is the designer behind these sequined decorative “A Lil’ Bougie'' masks. With names like Golden, Cotton Candy, and Rainbow, this line of masks is all for the color crazy enthusiasts. These face masks are filtered and super cute for a quick grocery store run. Bivines has also been giving and running special discounts for essential workers during this pandemic. In addition to her contributions towards the COVID-19 relief, Bivines is also a serial hustler- the owner of a boutique and hair salon that you can check out on her page.

You can shop here at:

4. LooksLike Avido

This Kenyan based clothing brand offers uniquely patterned masks made from authentic African fabric. A native of Kibera, Nairobi, David Avido, is a fashion designer known for his extravagant fusion of colors and pattern designs. Since the coronavirus has been confirmed, he has halted the production of garments for his clients to focus on creating masks to fight against COVID-19. Avido has teamed up with Project Kenya and Uweza Foundation to distribute over 10,000 face masks and free of charge to healthcare workers. We love to see it!

You can shop here at:

5. Royal Monocracy

Bling! Bling! These face masks are all about the sparkles and rhinestones. Who said you couldn’t social distance in glam? It’s giving us very much bougie princess vibes. Is it a Target shopper? In support of healthcare professionals, Royal Monocracy has declared that for every purchase that is made, 10 masks are donated to a local medical office in the Atlanta area. If you can’t see a smile, you can surely show it in these.

You can shop here at:

6. RawHoney & Co.

Patterns on top of patterns. RawHoney & Co. presents a new collection, FRONTLINE, made of camouflage, paisley, and most notably snakeskin and animal prints. Andranae Crawford, an Atlanta fashion designer, is the daughter of an essential worker-a healthcare professional. After her mother had growing concerns of potential exposure to the coronavirus due to lack of N95 masks, she challenged her daughter to create an effective solution. The masks are 100% cotton, hand sewn, double stitched, have top pockets for insertable filters, soft, durable elastic, and hand wash recommended. Be on the lookout for more from RawHoney & Co.

You can shop here at:

We hope that everyone continues to be a positive force and light during this global pandemic. By taking safety precautions, we can all help reduce the spread of COVID-19. For more information on the facts of COVID-19, please refer to

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