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HER NEEDS Skincare Essentials:

Fall is finally here! With Fall comes cold weather and dry skin so skin care is essential. I’ve been trying out a few new products and I must say Elf has become a signature in my skin care routine. Their products are vegan, cruelty free, and contain no animal derived ingredients chichis something I absolutely love. You can find Elf products almost anywhere and they prove to be the perfect bargain for your bucks. Aside from facial products I've been striving to find and authentic organic soap that hydrates my skin, well I think I've finally found one RAW Sugar is undoubtedly a must have!


Elf Cosmetics Skincare

My top three favorites right now

#1. Hydrating Serum- This helps strengthen my skin and leaves it moisturized. I love this product because the moisture remains locked in all day. This is definitely my go to after a long day of makeup wear. 

#2. Hydrating Under Eye Masks- If you suffer from puffy eyes and dark circles this is the perfect product! The hydrogel refreshes and tightens the skin underneath the eyes leaving your skin  awakened and refreshed. I apply these overnight and the dark circles seemingly disappear. 

#3. Beauty Shield Skin Shielding Moisturizer- This is one of Elf’s new products from their Beauty Shield Collection and it is the perfect base before applying your makeup. Stress, the air, and other natural causes affect your skin. This product strengthens, moisturises, and protects your face, plus it’s packed with natural ingredients like carrot-seed and sunflower oil to help soothe your skin. This is the last product I use before my makeup application. I noticed that my pores are smaller and my skin is brighter creating a flawless look after my makeup is done!


BodyCare Necessities:

Raw Sugar’s Moisture Loving Body Wash is THE BEST BODY WASH! It’s Sulfate, Paraben, and Phthalate free which means it doesn't strip your body of moisture like most soaps and body washes do. Instead it’s natural ingredients provide your skin with extra moisture and promotes healthy skin and an even skin tone. Love this! I have tried a couple of their scents and my favorite is the Watermelon and Fresh Mint. It’s the perfect fruity scent with a hint of mint and I don't feel like I just bathed in a sea of perfume after I've used it. I also tried the bar to measure it’s overall consistency and I received the same results. Thank you RAW SUGAR!  

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