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Her Spotlight: Gabrielle Union

Written by: Crystal K.

We all know Gabrielle Union from her break out role in Bring It On. She made every little girl who look like her want to be a cheerleader, screaming “Brrrr it’s cold in here”. That movie came out in 2000 and yet every Halloween you can count on seeing girls of all ages dressed as her character. Gabrielle Union has been making an impact on women and young girls for time now in more ways than one.

She is an activist for women’s rights. In her New York Time Best Selling book: “We’re Going To Need More Wine”, she discusses issues of women’s rights. Gabrielle spends a lot of her time encouraging women to be who they are and embrace and love themselves as well as understanding their worth. Gabrielle doesn’t just talk the talk she also walks the walk. And she does it all while balancing her career, being a wife, and a mother.

In late November, it was revealed that Gabrielle Union, award winning actress was “fired” from America’s Got Talent. The actress was said to be fired for speaking out about discrimination in the the workplace. At the time of the season finale Gabrielle was the # 1 talent on Network television in 2019. Initially, it was portrayed as Union just not returning for the next season, as if to say everything was kosher from both parties. Gabrielle has not released a statement just yet. But sources are saying some of the issues include sexism and racism. There have even been reports that her hairstyles on the show were considered “too black”.

This is not the first time this allegations have been made, dating back to the former African American host Nick Cannon. To put icing on top, sources are saying Simon Cowell, white male and one on the judges on AGT had the final say in Gabrielle’s departure.

So this week’s “Her Spotlight” goes to Gabrielle Union-Wade for standing up for what she believes in and not remaining silent. She is sending a message to all women with her courage. Although speaking up about the injustices may have cost her a small bag, she did it anyway knowing the possible consequences. Thank you Gabrielle for speaking up, shedding light on this situation that many are dealing with and allowing this moment to be bigger than you, preventing this behavior for the next person.

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