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HER Spotlight:: Karen Civil

Written by: Brittany Cheri

This weeks HER Spotlight goes to the one and only Karen Civil! Now if you don’t know who this mega boss babe is, I think you need to open your eyes!

Courtesy of IG: @karencivil

She is a master media maven and philanthropist, who in the beginning of her career was known for branding artists profiles and helping her clients increase their sales. Civil now as one of the most widely known names in the entertainment industry, has one of the most popular media outlets,, which is dedicated to exclusive entertainment news and interviews, showcasing some of the industries leading talent PLUS she is the CEO of AlwaysCivil, a creative agency that specializes in branding, marketing and event curation

A week ago, Civil spoke at the A3C Festival & Conference in Atlanta, sharing her story and dropping gems about embracing opportunities, walking and living in your purpose and some industry tips.

I think it’s safe to say she has created her own spotlight and is making her mark in the industry!

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