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Instagram Live Makes Changes & Updates Amid COVID-19 Pandemic!

Instagram announced recently that soon users would be able to monetize their IG TV videos and that changes were on the rise amid COVID-19. The previous instagram live feature enabled users to go live and share the live to their insta-stories but the live will delete or disappear after 24 hours. Instagram does allow the option to save or download the videos to their camera roll for later use.

Yesterday, while using our IG live feature we noticed something different and that another update had taken place. Instagram has now removed the option to share your ig lives to your insta stories after the live ends, instead it gives the user the option to share to IG TV. The new IG format gives entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals the ability to share their full instagram lives, archiving them permanently on their page, overall increasing viewership.


There are alot of PROS to this update such as; simplifying saving your live videos and being able to monetize IGTV. There are also CONS to the IG Live update. The things I dislike about the new IG Live update is that it removes the ability to edit your live videos, and it also removes the comments, likes, and viewer amount from the live video. Once users share their live videos to IGTV following ending the live the viewer count will restart. I ultimately dislike that feature mainly because people like to see the insights, reach, and amount of viewers they reach while using live. If instagram starts the count over once the actual live ends then the number isn't accurate.

Share this story with all of your influencer or marketing friends. Instagram is changing again! How will this feature impact your business? Comment below!

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