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Ladies Love Sports Too

Written by: Crystal K.

Sunday Night’s NFL matchup featured the Seattle Seahawks(11-5) and the San Francisco 49ers(13-3). Both teams having great seasons this year, so it was very fitting for us to end our day of professional football with a good night cap. Russell Wilson has been having a MVP type season, putting up efficient number and making it look effortless, giving Lamar Jackson a little competition. The opposition team’s quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t looking so bad himself, leading his team to just three loses.

Although, Sunday night’s quarterback matchup was definitely something to talk about, it was not the highlight of the night. Beast Mode returning the to the Seattle Seahawks was the main attraction. It has been just over a year, 14 months to be exact since Marshawn Lynch last played in the NFL and four years since he’s played with the Seahawks.

As you may recall, Lynch retired in 2016 and then came back for two seasons joining the Oakland Raiders (2017-2018) in his hometown of Oakland, California. Marshawn has been doing a little bit of everything since retiring, including working out and staying in shape. A month prior to the Seahawks giving him the call, Lynch visited the Seahawks facilities and had a funny feeling that he would be playing football again very soon. Especially with the multiple injuries to the team’s three running backs: Rashad Penny(knee), Chris Carson(hip), and C.J. Prosise(arm).

Lynch amped up his training/workouts, two weeks before signing. In his 2019 debut he ran for 34 total yards on 12 carries and 1 touchdown in his return where he leaped over his O-line into the end zone. Coach Pete Carroll just wanted to get Lynch back acclimated to the feel of things, using him mostly as the first and second down back.

It is safe to say Seattle missed their Beast Mode and are very happy to have him back. He received an abundance of love from the fans, including a stand ovation as he entered the field. They even had to had someone clean up the skittles thrown into the end zone after scoring his touchdown.

Welcome back Mr. Lynch.

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