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My love for music runs deep. I’ve always had a deep connection to my favorite artists and songs since I was a child. I can remember the feeling I got when I received my first CD player, 5-disc stereo, iPod, and every CD that was ever on my Christmas list growing up. Each CD and music device I received as a gift granted me the opportunity to get lost in my own world. In the words of Queen Bey, on her song Radio, “ I think I’m in love with my radio”. I literally was and still am in love with my radio. Music is my love language. Since the age of CDs faded away into the age of music downloads, and now music streaming sites, I’ve made playlists for my own enjoyment. I recently began sharing my playlists to share that enjoyment.

Each week I will be bringing “Listen & Vibe” to Media Girls Network with a blog post on the inspiration behind each playlist. “Listen & Vibe” will feature a new playlist every week that is sure to motivate and inspire working creatives and women in media. The playlists will be available every week on Tidal and Apple Music. You can find the links to the playlists on my Instagram pages: @yahyahalia and @candidlyyahyah.

This week I will be sharing two special playlist dedicated to Beyonce, in honor of her birthday. Since the age of five she and Destiny’s Child have influenced my life in so many ways. Queen Bey’s music has shown us the beauty and strength we possess as women, and what it means to love and be loved. The two part playlist, part-one BeyWoman and part-two BeyLoved, will remind us of how extraordinarily powerful, sensual, and sultry we are as women, and that love is what we need now more than ever.

BeyWoman features many of Beyonce’s most loved female anthems that will keep you on your hustle and grind. The playlist takes you on a journey from feeling like a Grown Woman, to putting your man in check, and ends with a reminder of who runs the world. Part two of the two part playlists, BeyLoved, takes you on a slightly different journey. While staying true to the theme of embracing womanhood, the playlist features many love songs from Queen Bey. BeyLoved is centered around what I like to call Beyonce’s three stages of love, Crazy in Love, Drunk in Love, and Dangerously in Love. Each stage is followed by songs that have influenced a few of Queen Bey’s songs, as well as songs by some of her favorite artists such as Stevie Wonder and Prince. BeyWoman and BeyLoved are two playlist that are sure to get you through the work week and into the weekend.

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