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Mayweather, Miami and Media Girls

June 5th 2021, Media Girls was blessed to receive the opportunity to attend a very entertaining Mayweather vs. Logan Paul exhibition fight at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, FL.

To begin, this fight was simply for entertainment. Personally, this wasn't my first Mayweather promoted event. Born and raised in his home town of Grand Rapids MI, it was a custom for most of us to attend the "Lil Floyd fights" in Vegas. Miami is a new location and quite a different vibe then his previous fights in Las Vegas I've attended. I did not have any real expectations for this exhibition fight weekend, especially since I had no clue who his opponent YouTube sensation turned boxer Logan Paul even was. I was apparently "living under a rock" because this exhibition fight between Mayweather and Paul reached one million views on Pay-Per-View.

This fight was an easy money making opportunity for Mr. Money May. There was no judges, no scores, no real winner and no real fighting involved.

The Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson vs Brian Maxell exhibition fight, which kicked off the festivities for the night was much more entertaining. I was quite impressed by Chad Johnson's skills despite that mean right hook he caught from Maxell 48 seconds into the fourth round.

Overall, this weekend's vibe was subpar, the behind the scenes access, the beautiful tropical weather and the plethora of celebs simply walking in the midst of everything was enough for me. I still would have preferred a good ole' fashion Mayweather Weekend in Vegas, but for Mayweather it wasn't about the location, it was about the bag.

Although Mayweather made it very clear he doesn't need the money, he's nobody's fool and was not turning down millions just for a sparring session in the ring with a fan and hell I don't blame him. I'm sure those watching felt bamboozled, but this just goes to show you why he deserves the title "Money May." The fight ended in boos from the crowd, most of who were upset they paid for the fight or those who was upset the fight was so boring. This was all in all for the fans and the legendary boxer Mayweather's pockets. Like he stated in his post fight press conference, "When it comes to legalized bank robbing, I'm the best." The moral to this story children, it's all about the bag!

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