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Meagan Good speaks at first ever Made for Me event hosted by xoNecole and Toyota USA.

Meagan Good at Made for Me on Saturday March 19th in Chamblee, Georgia. Photography IG: @firegroupatl

The weekend was nothing short of positivity, encouragement, and good vibes at xoNecoles first ever Made for Me event sponsored by Toyota USA. The two-day Event took place at The Factory in Chamblee, Georgia on March 19th, and 20th from 11 a.m-4:30 p.m. The open space venue was draped in spring decor featuring beautiful flower filled backdrops, a manifestation wall, and one of Toyotas newest Corolla cross vehicles on display. Those who attended had access to complimentary meals from food trucks, and totes stuffed with self care products.

Special guest Dani Simone, Dr.Tartt, Dr. Garner Scott, and Gia Peppers at the Made for Me event on Saturday March 19th. Photography IG: @firegroupatl

Made for Me had multiple workshops in which attendees could rotate for 45 minute intervals. Each workshop had a primary focus of either Love, Purpose, or Abundance. There was a great lineup of doctors and specialist that tackled each topic during their sessions throughout the day. This lineup included Christian psychologist Dr. Alduan Tartt, astrologist Dani Simone, and wealth strategist and yoga instructor Dr. Nicole Garner Scott.

Meagan Good during her live Q&A with entertainment journalist Gia Peppers on Saturday March 19th. Photography IG: @firegroupatl

Actress and director Meagan Good was the keynote speaker for day one of the festivities. The actress was all smiles as she sat and spoke with entertainment journalist Gia Peppers during a live Q&A. Good was candid about being full of worry and doubt at times throughout her career, but she said that solidifying her relationship with God has helped her to overcome those feelings. The Harlem star also said she enjoyed filming the Amazon series because her portrayal of the character Camille speaks to the lives of so many black women. She personally felt that she was acting like her best friend throughout the entire season. When asked what she was manifesting this year, the actress responded by saying “alignment.”

Dr. Garner Scott on Saturday, March 19th. Photography IG: @firegroupatl

Day two was just as successful, the workshops continued coaching on Love, Purpose, and Abundance. Meditation was also on the agenda for day two, a group meditation session was held to show attendees how to properly meditate. Sundays keynote speech was led by Dr. Garner Scott, during her live Q&A with Gia Peppers she spoke of financial wellness along with peace of mind. She reassured the audience that self awareness and self healing is what leads to fulfillment in every aspect of life.

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