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Media Girls Network Celebrates Jayda Cheaves In Her Golden Year

Atlanta,GA- Jayda Cheaves has taken the word "influencer" to new heights, and with her birthday here, she will not be stopped. The self-made mogul is entering into her golden year with all the glory.

The "It Girl" herself amassed a following as a teenager growing up in Savannah, Georgia which led to her to her first entrepreneurial business of selling her clothes on the popular site PoshMark. Once she obtained the backing from this business she started her own hair business. Still in high school at the time Jayda equated her success to her just being herself. Sh told Teen Vogue "“I was just always the popular girl,” she says, shrugging and chuckling. “ It’s not a secret. It just happened naturally.” “I was just being myself, posting every day on the internet and trying to inspire the girls."

While many people are just now becoming familiar with the boss entity of Jayda "Wayda" Cheaves, she explains that the boss mentality was something within her from young.

I just want people to know the boss in me was there ever since I was a little girl,” she adds. “I always knew I wanted to be my own boss. I always knew I was going to one day have an empire.

Cheaves would later go on to graduate a year early and move to Atlanta to open her own business, a hair salon. Instead of opening a hair salon, she began selling hair. The business quickly taught her a lot about running a business and managing the needs of customers. When she no longer felt she could deliver quality hair to all of her clients, she stopped selling it entirely.

Eventually Jayda would become one of the most sort after influencers being booked all over the country for appearances and brand deals that include Pretty Little Thing, Kiss Colors, and more.

Jayda has built an empire that also includes her new brand Waydamin. The clothing line is a shoppers paradise for the "It Girl" in you. When she's not in the warehouse sorting merchandise, or traveling to a city near you, she is nurturing her funny, rambunctious, smart 3-year-old son, Loyal Armani.

Jayda is the epitome of what hard work, dedication, creativity, and believing in yourself can do for someone. So happy birthday to Jayda Cheaves. Media Girls Netowrk celebrates you!

Check out Jayda's Hype Hair Magazine Cover Release Party:

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