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Meet Berry Nash : Celebrity MUA and Rising Music Artist

There's a reason why we refer to the talented individuals who apply foundation and contour cheekbones as "artists"—anyone who has the ability to transform a whole face effortlessly, has no choice but to call that art. Same goes with music, to be able to transfer your thoughts onto paper and onto a beat, it’s art. This Washington native is what we call an all around artist - a serial entrepreneur. 

Berry Nash is a celebrity Makeup Artist who’s worked with notable stars such as Cardi B, Natalie Nunn, and Delicious. not only that, She’s the owner of Berry Bomb Selfie Spot and Berry Bomb Retail in Raleigh NC. A brand with lots to offer under its belt such as Makeup, Photography, Aesthetics and urban street wear for women.

The Berry Bomb Selfie Spot is an interactive museum that includes photo installations that you can enjoy by yourself or with your family and friends. With 18 unique spaces to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Nash has been in business for years, grinding and making a name for herself, with her businesses even expanding through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, with beauty under her belt, Ms. Nash is venturing onto another passion of hers- music. Berry Nash dived into the music industry last year, and she’s ready to take it head on. With her newest freestyle “Church Hill Downs” which has already reached over 11,000 views. Her YouTube has thousands of views and 21,000 shares and counting on Instagram. “I always did music behind closed doors,” the rapper said. “… I have more versatility and different life experiences which makes for more topics for the younger generations to relate to in my music.” Music was always in Berry Nash since she was young, so it only makes sense that she wants to make sure her younger audience relates to her as well.

Berry Nash shows no sign of slowing down and is for sure one to watch. It won’t be long until she breaks through with commercial success.

Follow her journey on Instagram, and keep a look out for her next single titled Go Get It on track to be released August 20th.

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