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Meet Dallas Jordann: Creator of "Crowned Queen Things"

2020 has given us all a run for our money. We've consistently battled COVID-19, Racism, and Police Brutality with no warnings or breaks to pause. Creatives have been stuck inside for most of the year and majority are unemployed during this odd time in history. Florida native & on-camera host, "Dallas Jordann" used this time to create a new business for our conscious & natural queens!

Crowned Queen Things consists of conscious jewelry and natural hair accessories for queens around the globe. Their purpose is to inspire black women of all ages to embrace parts of their true heritage by adorning their crown. As we have come to appreciate the effortless beauty of our natural hair, we can now further accentuate our crowns with beautiful, hand selected headwraps and other accessories to encourage divine feminine energy.

Congratulations to this media girl, Dallas Jordann on her blossoming new business!

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