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Money Vibe$

This week’s playlist is all about the vibe the music sets, and a little bit a about love and lust, but what each song has in common is money. Money is the theme behind this playlist because we all share the everyday struggle to obtain money. In that struggle to obtain money many of us try to balance love and relationships as well. Women and men both hustle everyday for money, but sometimes the individual grind for money intertwines with the battle for companionship. Men are expected to provide for women, while women are considered gold diggers for being with men who are expected to be the bread winners. Women who choose the grind over love sometimes end up with the money, but no love. Those blurred lines help me to curate this easy going playlist.

I wanted to create a playlist that was laid back and chilled, yet motivating. I chose R&B songs because I wanted “Money Vibe$” to serve as a form of meditation and relaxation, while telling a story about lust and money. Songs from artist like H.E.R, SiR, The Weekend, DaniLeigh, and Chloe x Halle, appear on this playlist because of type vibe their music creates. These artist are a part of a new genre of R&B, one where the music goes beyond traditional love songs. Although the R&B songs are accompanied by a few rap songs they all share the same mellow tone. Each song, in it’s own way, describes how we all hustle to reach a common goal, money. So, on days where work becomes overwhelming and your personal life is stressful, my goal is for “ Money Vibe$” to be a soothing playlist. The type of playlist that can be played during a lunch break or on the car ride home from work to relieve stress. As the playlist eases your mind, I also want it to be the motivating factor behind your everyday grind and hustle. Stay motivated with this playlist during your work week, but keep in mind that self-care should always be our first priority.

The “Money Vibe$” playlist can be downloaded on Apple Music and Tidal:

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