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New Year...New Covid: Reduce the spread of the Omnicron variant

We are all familiar with the saying “New Year, New Me” but the year of 2022 can already be acclaimed as another year of spike in covid cases with the spread of the Omnicron variant. The last two years have been rough and although we hope for the best this year, omicron shows no signs of slowing down. It makes no difference whether you’re vaccinated, unvaccinated, or boosted, we just want you to stay safe! Here are some tips and tricks that will keep you safe this year!

1. Wear Your Mask

There is a preconceived notion that you are safe as long as you are vaccinated, that false narrative ends here! Those who are vaccinated should still be wearing their masks because they can still contract and spread the virus just as easily. Besides considering one’s own well being, wearing your mask while surrounded by others is an act of kindness and consideration because you never know what health risks affect those around you. When we wear our masks we protect ourselves and ensure safety amongst others.

2. Take Vitamins & Proper Nutrients!

Covid-19, like any other virus, attacks your immune system. It is important to maintain healthy and strong immunity by taking vitamins and keeping a healthy diet. There is literally over a million different vitamins you can take, but this is not something that should be done excessively. Here is a list of some of the vitamins and nutrients that are highly recommended when fighting covid-19.

-Elderberry- Elederberry can be taken as a capsule, gummy, tea, or a powder mixed with water. It makes no difference how you decide to digest it, it is full of antioxidants that boost immunity.

-Vitamin C-Vitamin C is another great immune booster, it also works to grow, develop, and repair body tissue. It can be taken as a daily supplement, or digested through eating Oranges and drinking Orange juice.

-Vitamin D- Vitamin D is a great protector against respiratory infection. A daily supplement is highly recommended to reap all of its benefits during this pandemic.

-Seamoss- Seamoss is a type of seaweed vegetable that contains plenty of nutrients and generally promotes better health, such as gut and heart health. It is available in a supplement, powder, gummy, or more commonly in the form of a shake or a smoothie.

-Fruits and Vegetables- As the old saying still goes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Maintaining a healthy diet is still the number one way to protect you when facing daily exposure. They say you are what you eat, so inevitably eating healthy foods makes for a healthy person.

3. Avoid large crowds!

I can’t stress this one enough! As we all aspire to be “outside” and live our best lives this year, we must be cautious of the events we plan on attending. The larger the crowd, the more likely there is of catching and spreading the virus. Try to avoid large crowds such as parties, concerts, festivals, games, etc. I know it sounds completely boring but I promise you can still have fun without social gathering. You can host or join virtual zoom parties, or get creative and find a new hobby. If you can’t keep away from large crowds, at least wear your mask at all times.

4. Practice Social Distancing

Keeping your distance can be easily forgotten as you run your daily errands, but remembering to stay six feet away from people can immensely reduce the spread. Keep your personal space at all times while you are grocery shopping, going to the bank, or taking a trip to the mall. Ensuring that each person has their own personal space is one small thing we can do to decrease positive covid cases.

5. Don’t Touch Your Face!

This is one that should’ve been around before covid even existed! We walk on an earth full of bacteria and disease, and touching our faces only puts that bacteria onto our skin and into our bodies. Try to keep a plastic glove around when you are opening doors, and pumping gas!! Hand sanitizer has become the biggest trend to date, but there is not enough hand sanitizer in the world to protect us from all of the germs we’re exposed to. Resist the urge to touch your face until your hands are completely clean.

6. Wash your Hands!

I really shouldn’t even have to say this, but for those of you who don't….you know who you are, and you know what type of germs are floating around! Please wash your hands frequently throughout the day, wash them when you have been at work all day, wash them before you eat, wash them after you use the bathroom, just wash them! The 20 seconds we spend washing our hands can save you and those around you from a 10-day quarantine.

7. Get Tested!

Covid-19 can be a scary thing, and I know there are numerous people that ignore possible symptoms and prefer not to get tested. Do yourself and those around you a favor, get tested! A simple test could help to prevent the spread and potentially save lives! All symptoms should be taken seriously no matter how mild or common they may be. Do the right thing and get tested, you never know how many lives you can save by solely protecting yours.

For more information on staying safe against Covid-19, be sure to visit the CDC website for more information and frequent updates. Have a Happy New Year and most importantly a safe one!

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