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Surviving COVID-19: Creating the Perfect Workspace

I know we have all been stuck in the house in what seems to be forever and for some of us that meant working from home for 8-9 hours each day. When you are so used to your normal work environment and have to adapt it can be extremely stressful.

Here are a few tips to creating the perfect workspace that breathes productivity and positive vibes:

1 - Space, Space, Space

If you are comfortable in your chair or seated on the floor or couch, do you have at least two arms length reach in a full circle? No. Make some room! Remove unnecessary items out of your work space. Clutter clouds Creativity!

2 - Enrichment is a Necessity!

Pick out your book or magazine of the month (or week if you're a fast reader) and have that sitting by. Take breaks in between your work or read before you start your day to grab any motivation or helpful gems from the author. Reading daily keeps your mind guessing and feeds you creativity.

3 - The Essentials

What are the tools that you use everyday? Is it your laptop and phone? Or maybe just a notebook, pen and tablet? Grab all of your essentials and space them out on your work desk however it comforts you. Make sure that everything is arms reach so once you sit down you are 100% ready to go.

4 - Brain Food (Don't forget a drink!)

Whether you are an early morning worker or night owl, having a healthy snack and drink close by is great especially if its going to be a while until your next big meal, your tummy wont be begging for food and distracting your productivity

5 - Light It Up!

Ensure you have adequate lighting, not the kind that burns your eyes but just enough light where you can read everything clearly without squinting or without you drifting off to sleep.

6 - Little Piece of Zen

Bring one or two items to your workspace that bring you instant happiness, a big smile or that just keep you calm. Think of things that are fidget items or that you can gaze at when you need to take a breathe.

What's your perfect workspace consist of? Drop a picture below & Share Your Essentials!!

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