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Secure Da Bag: Places to search for contract + freelance + work from home jobs

Do you find yourself getting ready for work wishing you could just stay home and make money while in bed? It’s very possible, you just have to know where to look. Don’t worry we did the looking for you and came up 7 places to find contract, freelance and work from home jobs that you can do from wherever you have your computer and (free) Wi-Fi.

A digital media publisher that is the parent company of 11 online websites including Verywell, The Balance, and ThoughtCo. Dotdash has a category specifically for contract and freelance positions. Dotdash is a good place to start if you have any experience in content writing, copy writing, editing, proofreading and fact-checking.

This innovative company brings the culinary chef to you. Whether it’s a business setting up a cooking class for team building or a romantic date for two, Cozymeal can make it happen. If you love food as much as you love money Cozymeal has remote positions in marketing & public relations, administrative, customer service and more.

This online company is one of the more reputable survey companies in the game, just check out the A+ Better Business Bureau score. Of course you have to build up your performance to make a big cash out, but we do online surveys and watch videos for free all the time. Why not make some quick money from it?

Another online survey website for market research. Like Swagbucks, Mypoints pays cash for participating in surveys. The good thing about online surveys is that you can literally complete them from anywhere. Bored on the train, take a survey. Bored on your break at that job you hate, take a survey!

Upwork is a playing ground for freelancers because the number of available opportunities makes it easy for anyone—no matter your experience level—to find work. At Upwork you can find software development, IT, architect, and design jobs. Trust me when I say, don’t sleep on Upwork.

This website specializes in posting remote and flexible jobs for job seekers who are tired of spending hours searching multiple websites with no luck.

This is a favorite because it was one of the first freelance writing job boards you may come across if you’re starting a career in freelance writing. New jobs are posted on the daily so there is always an opportunity to find a paid writing gig.

Now all you got to do is follow through with this list. If it all seems overwhelming, dedicate each day of the week to researching more about these job boards and companies before you apply. That’s 7 chances to start making money from home and eventually living the life you vision. Go secure da bag!

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