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Recap: Artist Lish 2x Celebrates The Release Of New Album In NYC

(picture by Stefan Bunbury)

The ladies have been putting on, especially during Women's Month, and Lish 2x is woman who needs to be on your radar.

Lish 2X is a bi-coastal (NYC & DFW based) rapper who provokes positive thoughts with her catchy bars, sassy delivery and exquisite attire. The Fashion Institute of Technology graduate uses her expertise in beauty and style as inspiration and as a means to showcase elevation in black woman.

This past Friday, Lish 2x did exactly that, put together a party to showcase the elevation of her growth in music as a black woman, from dropping EP's to now an Album. The Ramadan Album did what needed to be done. Not only is it the first Ramadan Album ever, but it provided a platform and space for other muslims to come together creatively to create timeless music. There's a little bit of everything for everyone on this album, with features from Tone Trump, HAZali, Hecava Mecca and more.

(Picture by Lavish JAX)

Family, friends, and notable Industry people came to Times Square’s Quad Recording Studios, where they were the first to listen Lish 2x latest project. DJ Kimu of the Core DJ's worldwide made sure to keep the crowd rocking with throwback jams and popular music until the woman of the hour came.

(Picture by Stefan Bunbury)

(Picture by Lavish JAX)

Hosted by comedian Nina Kharoufeh, the energy in the room was great, the drinks were flowing, people conversing and vibing to Lish's songs. She also wasn't afraid to grab that mic and perform some of the tracks from her LP while letting the guests know what went into specific tracks, and also giving shine to her right hand man and producer, Ali The Greatest and other artist featured on the album.

(Picture by Lavish JAX)

Lish 2x and her crew were all dressed to kill as well, rocking Ron-Dyce 2023 runway collection, with Lish of course having multiple outfits to set the tone.

With this project being a little over a year in the making, Lish hopes to bring awareness and more of a mainstream platform for Muslim artist. She wants to become an exemplary figure of grace and dignity for women in hip hop, instead of focusing and following on the sexual aspect in the music "It's time the industry polishes us up and it's up to us to bring back our fore-mothers ways of being ladylike. It begins with what we eat (consume) and the threads we wear."

(Picture by Lavish JAX)

Lish 2x is here to shake the table and make an impact. Make Sure you check out Lish 2x latest project The Ramadan Album, out now on all streaming platforms.

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