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Relationship Goals Reloaded Week 5 Recap:Happily Ever..BEFORE!

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Before we jump in, let’s say it together; WORSHIP IS MY WEAPON! That’s it, that’s the blog! No, I am kidding but that was the lesson behind week 4 of Relationship Goals Reloaded. So if you are wondering what happened to my recap, all I can tell you is WORSHIP IS MY WEAPON! Now that we got that out of the way, lets dive into week five of this phenomenal series…

For weeks two and three, Pastor Todd instructed us to rip up our list(s) because God wants to use us beyond us and our unrealistic ideas we created without prayer and/or prophetic guidance, and in week four we decided to let worship be our weapons!

Well if Pastor Todd didn’t leave his foot prints on your back those three weeks, as instructed, a helmet was definitely needed for “Happily Ever Before,” which discussed the importance of discovering who we are and our purpose before relationship. Pastor Todd explains that most of us believe that our purposes will ignite when we find “the one.” But the truth is, there is already a God given purpose inside of you, ready for you to press PLAY! And you will never reach the Happily Ever After because you are not being intentional during the BEFORE!

As he continues, he expresses that God wants us to have someone but it was the seventh and last thing he provided. Here are the six things God gave us before the person:

1. (His) Presence - God wants us to acknowledge his presence before the person because from his prescience everything else will flow. When we don’t acknowledge his presence we are filled with worry and fear.

2. Place – Where you are now is where God wants you to be and where God has left you is where your favor will be.

3. Provision – God will never put you in a place and not provide so if the place has no provision from God, he did not place you there. Provision may not be your preference but it will sustain you.

4. Personality – Our identity is in Christ and God wants to be able to look at you and see him.

5. Purpose – Purpose is revealed to you as you tend to what is in front of you. Maybe your purpose is less about what you are doing and more about how you are doing it.

6. Parameters – Are our protection and God gives them to us because he is trying to build something in us.

What I believe Pastor Todd wanted us to understand is that before we can love someone else, in any capacity, we must first learn and love the person God created us to be. God calls us a masterpiece but what do you see, a masterpiece or just pieces? Either way, God wants relationship with and for you and sent Jesus to prove it! But if God isn’t enough for you, no person will be.

“A relationship without a goal is pointless and one without God is senseless.” If you don’t allow the before to be defined by God, it will be defined by somebody else. As you go through this week remember to never settle for God’s less. Your purpose is a journey and does not stop at one place or for one person. See you next week for part 6!

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