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Relationship Goals Reloaded Weekly Recap

We see it all the time on social media - #RelationshipGoals under pictures of our favorite celebrity couples and even friends. If you are single like me, you often find yourself questioning when you will have your own hashtag to post.

Well, that is where Pastor Michael Todd of Transformation Church in Tulsa, OK comes into the picture with his powerful sermons. His revamped Relationship Goals series tackles love, dating, marriage, and sex through the wisdom of God.

This series changed my whole outlook on relationships and singleness! I am here to provide you with a weekly recap of it all because it is just that good! Let’s dive in…

Week one of Relationship Goals Reloaded kicked off with “Warning! Read the Manual before Touching the Product,” which focused on the importance of learning God’s principles in order to protect your life. Included in these principles are the following:

1. Knowledge

2. Understanding

3. Obedience

4. Application

5. Success

When we do not learn these principles we often end up dealing with panic, which leads to problems, violation of ourselves, paying for things we don’t receive the full benefit of, and most importantly our peace. He further explained that God’s principles should be first because they simplify life and the more that we learn them, “the less we have to pray about what to do.” In closing, Pastor Todd reminds us that the ultimate goal is relationship with God. In order to succeed with any product, job, relationship, marriage, or finance we must have a manufacturer’s mindset, which we can only get by reading the ultimate manual – the Bible.

What a sermon, right?! When I first watched Relationship Goals I thought I was going to learn what was wrong with everyone else and how to receive the relationship I thought I wanted. Instead, Pastor Todd read me for filth and Relationship Goals Reloaded came out doing the same.

Get more information on Pastor Todd and Transformation Church here.

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