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Sad Girls Playlist

Have you ever just wanted to sulk in your sadness and cry yourself to sleep after a break-up or long day? I think as females we’ve all been there at one point in time. Sometimes you need time to allow yourself to feel every emotion you’re feeling at the moment and be present in that. In the words of Beyonce allow yourself one day to feel sorry for yourself and then move on. The “Sad Girls” playlist allows us to do that. It’s long enough to help you release, but short enough so that you can come to terms with the moment and move forward.

The playlist starts with Summer Walker’s “Deep” and ends with Jhene Aiko’s “None of Your Concern” giving you a start and finish with two love and sadness gurus. In between are songs that will make all of the emotions from your broken heart surface. Whether you’re sad about a breakup, your situationship, or dealing with a forbidden love, this playlist doesn’t discriminate. The next time you find yourself in a sad state of being, don’t just press shuffle, take a listen to the “Sad Girls” Playlist and allow it to bring you to tears.

Sad Girls Playlist can be downloaded on Apple Music and Tidal:

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