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Secure Da Bag: 10 Marketing, Digital media, PR and Communications Jobs

In case you’re trying to secure da bag through a 9-5, just know we got you. Get your resume up-to-date and brush up on your interview skills because we gathered 10 marketing, digital media, PR and communications jobs to help you level up.

  1. Brand & Marketing Manager, SunTrust | Atlanta

  2. Publications Specialist, Georgia State University | Atlanta

  3. Marketing Specialist, Georgia Tech | Atlanta

  4. Marketing Coordinator, Enmarket | Savannah

  5. Communications Coordinator, Yamaha | Marietta

  6. Marketing Coordinator, Morningside Farmers Market | Atlanta (contract position)

  7. Communications Consultant, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta | Atlanta

  8. Digital Content Creator, Mayor’s Office of Communication | Atlanta

  9. Communications Coordinator, Ritz-Carlton | Atlanta

I don't know about you but I'm seeing job security and development with these positions. Check them out and even if you think they're out your league, it still doesn't hurt to apply. Secure da bag sis.

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