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Secure Da Bag: Sprite® + HotNewHipHop “Securing The Bag” Episode Takeways

Hot New Hip Hop published the last episode of its “Thirst For Yours” video series with Sprite and the subject of course was securing the bag. Now we all know there are countless ways to secure the bad and fill the bag, but what about what all it takes to fill the bag?

In episode four, Neil Dominique (CEO of #JUSTREGULARDAY), DJ S-WHiT, Indiana Rome, and Naji Grampus (Director of Urban The Orchard/Sony) sat down to discuss securing the bag in the music industry and what inspires them to stay on the grind to keep the bag secured. Here are four takeaways from the latest episode:

Take the direct approach.

Indiana Rome shared how his technique of direct marketing through email list and engagement with his fans allowed for him to share exclusive content he created without having the money first go to the distribution company and label.

You don’t need anybody to get to the money.

Neil made a great point that if you want to learn how to stand ten toes down, don’t depend on other people to guide you on getting to the money if you have the tools to get there on your own.

Maximize stream revenue through playlist.

Now we may not be artists in the music industry but S. WHiT and Naji dropped gems that can apply to our everyday lives through the topic of maximizing playlist streams. Although they may have been speaking on the subject of playlist; think of it like maximizing the ways you secure the bag to increase your revenue by not passing over small side jobs that have the potential to grow.

Don’t chase the money chase the vision.

“Stay focused on the vision, and just focus on the vision. Whether you gotta put hours and don’t see a dime from it don’t chase the money chase the vision and trust me you’re going to get to your goal.” - Neil Dominique

All in all, if you’re stuck on trying to figure how to get started securing the bag check out this episode for motivation. Remember to network and build your brand.

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