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Shannon Sharpe Discusses Female Sports & His Views on How We Can Keep The Visibility and Momentum on The WNBA

Imagine rushing through traffic mid- day in Atlanta, in an attempt to secure a glimpse of Shannon Sharpe’s live discussion on stage at Render ATL, but furthermore hoping for an exclusive interview. I didn’t have much time to prep or prepare and frankly didn’t think I’d secure the exclusive.

Shannon Sharpe most known for his previous show, Undisputed, a sports show he shared with host Skip Bayless, he had an controversial exit last year and decided to launch his own platform top of 2024.

2024 kicked off with a bang with the debut of “Club Shay Shay” and Shannon’s first guest “Katt Williams”! Shannon garnered over 50 million+ views alone on his debut episode. Shannon has been influential in many sports conversations and now merging into the entertainment space with Club Shay Shay and expanding his platform even more; I wanted to discuss the rise in visibility of female sports and why it has taken so long to get this momentum for women sports in the first place.

Believe it or not, I walked backstage the moment Shannon got offstage and walked right in and secured the last seat at the table for the media roundtable. I was able to sit as 1 of 5 journalists at the table, but I also sat directly next to him and was the last person to speak. I’m grateful for the opportunity and I know this interview was ordained by God himself.

Let me know your thoughts on the question and his answer. I wanted the conversation to continue but we were short on time.

Thanks for the opportunity Render ATL!

Video: Sheena Belle

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