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Single Black Female Lifetime TV Thriller Starring; Amber Riley, Raven Goodwin, & K.Michelle Debuts!

Lifetime TV will debut a new thriller on February 5th, “Single Black Female,” starring K. Michelle, Raven Goodwin, and Amber Riley! This is Lifetime’s first thriller led by three black women! The movie is a spinoff of the 1992 movie “Single White Female.”

Raven Goodwin, most known for her role in “Being Mary Jane,” stars in the film as Monica Harris, who experiences several back-to-back blows in her personal life amid the sudden death of her father. She hires a new assistant, Simone, played by Glee Actress and Artist; Amber Riley, who appears as an overly passionate assistant but could only keep up the act for so long before things started to unravel with the help of Bebe, Monica’s best friend played by Artist and Actress, K.Michelle!

This film keeps you guessing what's next. From Simone's passionate assistant role she's playing vs. her outlandish behavior behind closed doors, viewers will wonder what's next throughout the entire movie.

Checkout this exclusive clip with Tessa Dolce:

K.Michelle spoke at the Atlanta red carpet about the bond that the three ladies genuinely shared. She said this was the first happy set - she's been apart of. "I'm accustomed to the drama and bad energy on set. To work with these ladies who truly support me, check on me, spend time with me off camera was refreshing."

This was the first movie premiere and red carpet of 2022! Cr8 Agency did an amazing job executing the experience. VIPs were given their choice of food (3 courses) complimentary of Lifetime TV. We enjoyed our burgers and drinks while catching the exclusive showing of the film.

Don't miss the film this Saturday airing on Lifetime TV "Single Black Female" February 5th!

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