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Soul For The Holidays

Thanksgiving has passed and December is upon us, it's officially holiday season. In addition to it being the fall season, I love this time of the year because it’s the best time to reunite with family and friends, and snuggle up to our favorite holiday movies. While most enjoy shopping, decorating, and Black Friday sales, I enjoy indulging in my two favorite holiday traditions. One tradition is to snuggle up with my fuzzy socks on, to hot chocolate, my blanket, and watch my favorite Christmas/holiday movies with my sisters. Similar to my holiday playlist, I have a movie list of must see movies to watch during the holidays. The Imitation of Life, This Christmas, The Preacher’s Wife, The Best Man & Best Man Holiday, and Home Alone are just a few movies I watch every year during the holidays. Listening to my favorite holiday songs on Christmas Eve with my family as we bake cookies and enjoy each other’s company is my second favorite holiday tradition. That’s why I had to create the “Soul For The Holidays” playlist.

“Soul For The Holidays” is one of those playlists that can be played as you prepare for the holidays or as you enjoy your favorite holiday traditions. The playlist is filled with songs that bring back nostalgic memories I share with my family and friends. I love to play each of these songs on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as my family and I cook Christmas breakfast together. These songs are amazing to play on your phone but even better on vinyl which is my favorite way to listen to music. Whether you listen via your phone or on a record player this playlist is sure to give you that warm feeling of family and togetherness.

Share your favorite holiday traditions and favorite holiday songs below…

“Soul For The Holidays” can be downloaded on Apple Music and Tidal:

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