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The Chosen Ones

“Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud”! It’s officially black history month and the start of the new year. Yes, January was the longest month ever and a terrible kickoff to a new year. So we’re hitting the restart button and turning up to every black anthem all month long and beyond. If you’re like me you celebrate being black and our roots all year long, and just turn up the blackness a few notches. So in honor of our magic, excellence, and overall dopeness I created The Chosen Ones.

The Chosen Ones tells the story of our pain and current struggle, but it truly highlights our inner light. My main goal for this playlist is to showcase not only our magic as black people but how we are truly The Chosen Ones. So often many of our celebrations can feel sad given our dark history, but this playlist doesn’t shy away from our struggle just focuses more on our glory. The playlist begins with songs about our fight for freedom, and then transitions into songs about rising into our power and remembering who we are as a people. Many of the songs I chose were from The Gift, The Lion King soundtrack album. I specifically chose tracks from this album because each of the songs are about finding your way back to your roots, the exact message I wish to portray in The Chosen Ones. Included in the playlist are “DNA” by Kendrick Lamar, “Get Up, Stand Up” by Bob Marley, “Lift Every Voice and Sing” performed by Beyonce at Beychella, and many interludes by Solange. You’ll begin listening to the playlist raising your fist and end it feeling regal and empowered.

The Chosen Ones can be downloaded on Apple Music and Tidal:

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