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by: Trish B.

Amaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and many more ….

As you all may know over the last few months, we have experienced an unprecedented movement against police brutality and racism – which is what we call now the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement. For many years, African Americans have been fighting a system not created for them. Across the U.S. black people live in fear of law enforcement while innocent.

I had the opportunity to speak with a young woman whom is using her platform to fight for the injustice of African Americans and being an activist in the black community for social change. Her name is “ Shar Bates “, she’s known as the “ Red Carpet Slayer ” and a Queen while protesting on the streets for the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Shes a Radio/TV Personality, Community Advocate, Activist and Creative Brand Director. Shar Bates is small in stature, but has never been afraid of getting in “Good Trouble” for the advancement of our people. She has participated and orchestrated many protest and partnered with Atlanta officials to help stop the violence and killings.

She’s been affectionately nicknamed "Malcolm Luther Queen" for her years of activism. In 2015 following the late Cobb County Police Brutality Victim Nick Thomas. In 2018 continuing awareness to social media -- “My Vote is Hip Hop” which is a campaign that provided reparations for the urban community for victims of Systematic Racism in the United States. Shar is also a Social Justice Journalist who dedicates herself to the community, and has stood on the front line with Tameka Mallory and Porsha Williams in Kentucky & featured in Revolt TV’s video commemorating the late Rep John Lewis as well as hosting the Revolt TV live broadcast.

During Our interview Shar stated :

“ I think that it’s important for us strong women not to be so strong that we can’t lean on another shoulder … WE should be strong enough to let another strong one of us to talk with us before we are so down … I believe when we start spreading more of that energy around it will be even better. “

She is definitely the epitome of our ancestor’s prayers. She’s open and freely giving to change. Shar also co-stars on "CopWatch" show and plays one of the leading voices in the community. Shar’s work has been featured in several publications and Networks including Bossip, OK Magazine, Rolling Out, BET and VH1. She was recently captured in Lil Baby’s and Master P’s “Black Lives Matter” videos.

To find out more about Shar Bates and to get inspired, follow her on IG @iamsharbates.

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