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Three Types Of Resumes

Written by: Kayla Peeples

The 3 Types of Resumes Did you know that the traditional chronological format isn’t the only way to format a resume? If you’re currently in the job search or looking to make a career change, here are 3 ways you can format your resume that best suits your work experience.

Traditional - Chronological

The chronological resume is the most popular type because it’s the easiest to format and for a recruiter to read. When doing this type of resume, your work experience is in reverse chronological order where your most recent (or current) employer is listed first. Although the chronological resume is great when you have a relatively stable work history, it also has a major disadvantage—it’s easy to spot employment gaps.

Nontraditional - Functional

A chronological resume is great to show consistency, but it isn’t always the go-to for job seekers who have either long periods of unemployment or don’t have much hands-on experience for the desired job position (or maybe both). A functional resume focuses primarily on categorizing relevant work experience related to the job. This type of resume format gives you the opportunity to leave certain information out like concealing employment dates. However, a functional resume requires a bit more creativity and thought in describing exactly HOW you did your job.

Hybrid - Combined

A combined resume is the best of both worlds because it allows you to clearly detail your work history and categorize your work experience at the same time. You can list all your positions, employers, and dates at the top and in another section expand on your relevant work experience. If you decide to use a combined resume, remember that you’re combining 2 types of resumes in one so don’t go overboard in giving too much irrelevant information. There you have it, 3 ways to format your resume whether you are a fresh college graduate, career changer, or an experienced professional. Pick the one that best fits your situation and go get that job!

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